June 10

Why your business doesn’t need video

Here’s a thing most video agencies won’t tell you. Your company might not actually need any video content at all. 

Off the top of my head, I can think of loads of local businesses that don’t have a shred of moving image anywhere near their online presence, and are doing amazingly well.

So is there anything these companies have in common? You bet.

  • They’re all service-based, meaning the expertise and passion of their people are integral to how  they deliver for their clients. 
  • They’re all incredibly good at what they do, and you can tell they take that super-seriously, and graft hard to maintain it.
  • Their reputations are all outstanding. If they get mentioned in passing in a group conversation, someone will inevitably pipe up: ‘Oh yeah, good company, that one.’

I’ll be willing to bet that these companies got to where they are because points one and two generated enough word of mouth / direct referrals and repeat business to lead them to point three, which, when combined with consistent hussle, basically means they’re self-sustaining. They’re sorted. They’ve got a level of success that’s bang-on, as long as they keep up what they’re doing. 

So perhaps that’s the position your company finds itself in. If it is, you’ll know that’s when you start asking the question: what’s next? 

Your systems and your services are rocking and rolling. You’re a well-maintained car doing a cool 70 on the motorway, cruise control all the way. But you’re hungry for more! You’ve got a need for speed, man! Your foot is hovering over the accelerator, you want that feeling of being flat-out again, hearing the engine scream like the old days, where everything was uncertain but anything was possible.

Ok, you get the point. So what can you add to that car to get it to go faster, safely? To move it, basically, from the polite British motorway,  to Ze Autobahn where there’s no limits? 

So to be clear for the motoring enthusiasts who are reaching for their keys: we’re talking marketing. How can you move beyond your immediate network and start to pull more clients in from further afield in your target market? Let’s take a look. 

Gotta have a bit of SEO, probably. Even though it’s not that sexy, it’s a big deal. But unless you’ve got something to keep people around who find you and aren’t ready to buy yet, you’re still only appealing to the 3% of your market who are ready to buy right now. 

The same is true for advertising - it’ll give you a boost, but what have you got that’s going to make people stick around, until they’re ready to buy? Because again, that’s a much larger portion of your target market.

So social media’s a good place to go: find where your ideal audience is, and talk to them. Ramp that side of things up. Just focus on one network to begin with, get that cooking, and add more. But you’ll find that success there is driven by an insatiable demand for fresh, relevant, useful content which will, at some point, lead you inexorably to the question:

‘What about video?’ 

To which I would answer ‘right then.’

Because here’s another thing those companies I mentioned earlier have in common: I’ve met folks from most of them at networking events or social events. The passion and the personality of the people I met, does not come cross in their company’s online presence. And I think they’d admit that. I think they might say: ‘I wish we could get that passion and personality out there, because that’s the reason people buy from us. More so, often, than the work we deliver. That’s our spark.’

The fact is, video is literally the only marketing tool at your disposal that will bring that spark to life. And the personality of your people is your true competitive advantage by the way - the one thing no competitor can ever replicate. So it stands to reason that getting it out there online, putting it to work at scale rather than just in a meeting room, is a pretty good idea. 

So does your company need video? No it doesn’t, in the same way that no one needs an Aston Martin. But given the choice between crusing in a lovely, safe, sensible Volvo estate, or lashing a silver Aston Martin through the Swiss alps in style, on your way to a new destination full of potential...

Anyway, to sum up: if your company is doing very well without video, obviously you don’t need it, but you’re actually in the perfect position to try it. You can experiment with capturing that unique spark of your people, and getting it out there, basically with zero pressure.

If you like it, ramp it up, and before you know it you might be eyeing up Ze Autobahn, ready push the pedal to the metal, and find out just how fast you can go. 


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