John's Gone to Hilo

A rip-roaring adventure through Scarborough and the decaying innards of a good man's mind. 

Indie York

With 60,000 organic views on Facebook, this viral hit drew a ton of attention to York's awesome indie businesses. 

Art Savvy

A lockdown side-project that took on a life of its own, and ended up being featured on BBC Look North!

Fred and Sharon

A crazy collaboration with the mercurial Freddie Hayes, this short film was a winner at the April 2021 Lift Off Sessions.

Chicken on a Raft

A fanatical love of York folk-heroes Blackbeard's Tea Party led to this immaculately-planned slice of madness...

Ash - Arcadia

A teenage dream fulfilled.

York Ghost Merchants

I reckon this is the best shop in York. When it first opened, I had the pleasure of getting a few shots...

Bolton Park Farm

Part of a series of deep-dive case studies for Grow Yorkshire, this film manages to capture something really special on a remote Yorkshire hill farm.  

York Mediale - Light Moves

The only documentary-style video I've taken a crack at is one of my absolute favourites. A super-strong narrative and a load of charming kids makes for some emotional fireworks towards the end!

King O

I hadn't done any real filming in years when I picked up the camera to make this. It had no right to turn out as good as it did.  All about the music choice, man. 

Let's get started

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