When your customers are ready to start choosing between suppliers, video testimonials become an absolute game-changer... 

Social Proof brought to life

No one buys anything without checking reviews any more. But how much can you trust the written word? 

If your potential clients can see someone like them in action, who had similar problems but is now winning at life, they'll have all the proof they need that you're the people to talk to. 

The Customer is King

The more you can make the customer the focus of the video, the better. Don't have them talk about how amazing you are - let's hear about the issues they were having, and what they're able to do now they've been sorted. 

Breadth and depth

If your clients come from different sectors, testimonials are a perfect way of showing off the variety of people you can help. 

Wondrous word of mouth

Unless you've got a way of turbocharging your social proof with genuine personality, they'll blend in with all the basic written testimonials out there. 

Happy customers are one of the most valuable marketing assets a business can have. Time to take those inspirational voices and put them to work at scale.