Smartphone Video

Video production doesn't always have to be super-slick! Now that everyone's got a video camera in their pockets, the potential for rapid-fire, authentic video content is stratospheric. 

In fact we love it so much that, alongside Scruf, we've developed a unique filming app called Capture Captain.

Long story short, it lets us set filming tasks to direct and collect smartphone content from anyone, no matter where they are or how good they are at filming!

Instant authenticity

Smartphone video gives you an unbeatable shot of authenticity - there’s something intangible about it that proves to the viewer, in a heartbeat, that what they're watching is the real deal. 

Unlimited Reach

Virtually anyone connected to your organisation can instantly be turned into your own personal film crew no matter where they are in the world.

Inclusivity as standard

With no more logistical limitations,  you can hear from people who might not usually be first in line to feature in traditional video productions. 

Being able to amplify those people's voices with compelling video gives you the power to make a real positive difference. 

Try a new flavour every week

Industry insights, lists, FAQs, tips, building tours, product demos, travelogues, vlogs, newsflashes. The potential is endless!

Global social proof

Have you got happy customers all over the world? Smartphone video lets your customers hear from them, over and over again.

Unlock the power

Imagine being completely freed from the logistical limitations of traditional video production. You’d be free to showcase any story you wanted, no matter where in the world it was happening!

When smartphone video is levelled up and excecuted correctly, there's no limits to what it can help you achieve...

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