Showcase Films

The cherry on top. The Coup-de-grâce. The knockout punch.

If you've got a prospective client who'se almost ready to buy, they need to know all the essential information about your business in a cool 2.5 minutes, and be desperate to work with you by the end...

All killer, no filler

Leave the viral marketing tricks at home, and strip things right down to the basics. What problems do you solve? Why should we care? Why should I choose you over the competition?

Bin the scripts

Your audience needs to know that you're for real, so having your MD read from an autocue won't cut it. 

If your teams are as passionate as your website suggests, they'll be able to talk at length about everything your company does. Then it's just a case of shaping those raw materials into a lazer-focussed end product that captures your spark and puts it to work.  

Real people,
real emotion

Don't be afraid to move beyond your core team! If you've got a business that puts people at the heart of what you do, let's hear from as many of them as possible.  

Beyond the homepage

If you've got a specific product, service or initiative that you want to launch, having a dedicated Showcase Film will guarantee it arrives with a bang. 

Best foot forward

The showcase film is the one type of video that everyone thinks they need.

But it's not just a box to tick, and not all showcase videos are created equally. Don't risk putting out a dull re-telling of your company story that should never have seen the light of day!

When done right, these videos can have your audience punching the air in excitement, as well as laying down a marker that demonstrates exactly what you stand for as a business, and why your clients would be crazy to consider workign with anyone else.