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Exceptional organisations

Video production for awesome businesses. Simplified, streamlined, sorted.

Here's why most business videos are a waste of time:

You're kind of a big deal, and they don't come close to capturing that.

They're just pretty shots lined up. No feeling? No vibes? No point.

They cost too much for what you get. You're not hiring Stanley Kubrick.

They make you sad inside and you don't know why.

There is another way...

A video should be a concentrated shot of everything you're about, brought to life in vivid technicolour. They should be a blast to make, and a blast to watch.

Basically, your video should make you feel like this...

"I was genuinely blown away at just how good the video was! Nico really got under the skin of what we’re all about and demonstrated it beautifully.

Matt Bedingham, Owner,

"When I saw the video I was really chuffed! It's also generated lots of new leads and customers so it's doing what it needs to do!"

Maisie Nicholls, EMDR therapist

"Working with Nico was a breeze. His ability to make the process feel easy took away all of my concerns."

Gareth Barber, Managing Director, The Stable Company

Your video will be like this, but better. Because it'll be yours.

I'm here to make it easy for you to look amazing.

I've been in the industry in some form for 15 years, so I know what a big decision it is to commission a video. I also know what a pain in the a*** the process can be.

Wildly varying quotes, dealing with flakey 'creatives', drawn-out shoots and endless revisions...they'll all sap your very life-force if you let them. 

Bottom line - I'm here to make you look awesome, and put some serious swagger in your step. 


Have a jumpstart call

A simple chat, followed by a slightly more detailed form, and that's your hard work done. 

I'll get to know what makes you tick, what makes you special, and what gets you excited about delivering for your clients. 


Have a simple shoot

Shoots can either be a breeze or a nightmare: I go with the first.

I'll be out of your hair in just under a day, if not less. No massive crew needed: just me. I'll film some shots and get some interviews if relevant. Simple. 


Have a wicked video

Before you can say 'wow, that was easy', you'll be dazzling your audience and boosting your business with your new video. 

And more importantly, you'll feel (correctly) like you can take on the world. 


How about some nice transparent pricing to save you hassle and heartbreak
feel like this...


  • 1-day shoot
  • 90 sec - 2 min video



  • Filmed at your client's premises in 1/2 a day


(if you get a showcase video first)


  • Need something a little more bespoke? No sweat. 

£Get in touch

All content includes licensed music, subtitles and graphics.

Costs are exclusive of VAT and travel expenses.

Time to step up and stand out.

If you're great at what you do, you can't risk looking like a chump in your video. It's too important. You'll never make that emotional connection with your potential audience, and you'll forever wonder why your online presence never kicks into gear.

So let's put that swagger in your step, and get moving. 


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