Leadership videos

Say hello to the core of the Altitude Service. With our help, you'll be putting out one Leadership Video every single week.

Time to make it clear to your audience that they can't afford not to do business with you...

No hard sell in sight

Leadership videos are all about educating your audience, not pushing your services.

Turn the drawn-out B2B buying cycle into an advantage, by consistently demonstrating your expertise and passion week in, week out.

When it's finally time to buy, you'll be the obvious choice. 

Reverse the Curse of Knowledge

Remember - you're an expert in your field, but your audience isn't!

Shining a light on multiple elements of your business one at a time means you can nurture a greater understanding of your offering without confusing or overloading anyone.

Reciprocity Rules

The days of just shouting about what you do on social media are over. Time to start offering genuine, consistent value. 

The more insight and expertise you give away, the more open your prospects will be when it's time for a more direct selling approach. 

Maximum content, minimum hassle

We capture 8 weeks worth of content in one half-day shoot every 2 months. 

The amount of preparation you have to do is miniscule - just get some bullet points together according to our simple instructions, and then have a chat about them on-camera! We'll take care of the rest. 

Personality = Power

The personality and passion of your teams is what sets you apart from your competitors.

Showing who your people really are, and proving they're for real, is an unstoppable marketing difference-maker. 

The perils of invisibility

If you're not putting out regular leadership content, your expertise is effectively invisible to your audience, and by the time they've decided to buy you'll be lumped in with all your competitors.

Time to step up, stand out, and prove that you're the best at what you do.