Exceptional videos for
Exceptional organisations

Hi! I’m Nico, a freelance videographer,based in York.

If you want a video, but need somethinga little bit special, step this way...

Four flavours of video.
Take your pick...

The Heart

Need an authentic, next-level promotional video that digs deep beneath the surface, and captures the very soul of your organisation?

The Moment

Need to quickly capture a personality-packed video, to showcase your organisation or your event?

The Clarity

Need to explain a complex service with a dnymanic, engaging animation?

The Spark

Need some attention-grabbing, quick-fire, short-form video content for your social channels?

Kind words from awesome clients

"I was genuinely blown away at just how good the video was! Nico really got under the skin of what we’re all about and demonstrated it beautifully.

Matt Bedingham, Owner,

"When I saw the video I was really chuffed! It's also generated lots of new leads and customers so it's doing what it needs to do!"

Maisie Nicholls, EMDR therapist

"Working with Nico was a breeze. His ability to make the process feel easy took away all of my concerns."

Gareth Barber, Managing Director, The Stable Company