Curiosity Hooks

The largest part (60%!) of your target market hasn't even realised you can help them yet, and they've certainly got no intention of learning more about you...unless you give them a reason to.

Time to snap those folks out of their stupor, and draw them into your world...

Bitesize Brilliance

Curiosity Hooks are all about catching someone's attention with a single piece of information in a matter of seconds.

No need to be fancy or clever - just be clear! 

Class, not craziness

There's a place for fun stuff and antics, but that's not the Altitude Vibe. Curiosity Hooks are still built around your passion, expertise and insight, not our skill at choosing the right meme to rip off.

Get the serious stuff in place first, then use the wackier vibes to bring in new viewers down the road.  

Teamwork is Dreamwork

Curiosity Hooks work in close partnership with your Leadership Videos, hammering home key messaging, and driving people to your weightier posts that they might have missed. 

Don't ignore the 60% 

The largest portion of your target market that doesn't know you can help them is simultaneously the easiest to ignore, and one of the most important to focus on.

If you can nurture people through their entire buying journey with consistent educational content, when the time comes to buy you'll be the only choice in their mind.