Hi, I'm Nico. 

I've been in the video production business since 2005, back when DVDs were hot stuff, and the notion of HD web video was pure science fiction. 

Motion graphics and animation quickly became an obsession - being able to sit down and create anything  you can imagine is an amazing feeling.

Freelance stints in Birmingham and London led me home to York around 2016, and I added videography to the Hidden Door offering. 

Ultimately, I believe in people. Especially ones who are really good at what they do. 

I also believe that if businesses can capture the passion of those people and put it front and centre, they'll be able to thrive like never before.

When those businesses need video content, they deserve better than having to sift through dozens of suppliers who all look the same.  They deserve a well laid-out service that's focussed relentlessly on their passion and expertise, not fancy bells and whistles.  


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