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All the video content your business will ever need

Simplified. Streamlined. Sorted.

The Altitude Service

This is ongoing content creation re-created from the ground up with you in mind.

Take your business to the next level, with all the benefits of high-quality inbound marketing and none of the hassle.


When the real world won't do, it's time to bring motion graphics into play. 

Ready to inform, excite, and dazzle your audience with top-notch animation? Step this way...

Showcase Films

This is your flagship video, taking pride of place at the top of your website or landing page.

It'll sum up what you do, why you do it, why anyone should care, and set your stall out in style. 


For customers who are deciding which supplier to buy from, testimonial videos are game-changers.

Sure, written reviews are fine, but if a browser can see a thrilling, authentic success story featuring a client they identify with, it can help them make the decision to buy in a nanosecond.

Smartphone video

Now everyone's got a video camera in their pocket, you can make use of a whole new perspective.

Let us show you how to unlock the incredible power of user-generated content... 

The Vault

Some work won't fit into a nice tidy box!

If you've got a taste for the weird and wonderful, take a peek inside the vault... 


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